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    October 30, 2017

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    Skilled Trade


Whether working in a small company or a large kitchen, a baker is required to master the use of a large number of tools in order to produce quality baked items. These tools range from simple kitchen implements such as a rolling pin, to complex industrial mixing machines.

Duties and responsibilities.

  • A baker’s production duties include measuring and mixing ingredients into dough according to a recipe. Once the dough is formed, the baker will then roll and cut or otherwise shape the dough according to the specifications of the recipe. The final tasks in the production process involve baking the shaped dough and, if applicable, decorating the final product.
  • As bakers normally work according to tight production schedules, it is important for them to constantly check that the correct quantities are being produced for each order they are in charge of. It is also important for them to be vigilant about using exact measurements and paying strict attention to timing. In light of these facts, it is essential for a baker to stay organized and on top of his or her work at all times.
  • It is also helpful for a baker be innately creative, as many bakers are expected to come up with original recipes for new baked goods . Bakers are also often required to work alone; for this reason, the ability to be self-motivated is a huge advantage for aspiring bakers.
  • Of all the skills, knowledge and traits it is important for a baker to possess, the most important ones of all are a sound knowledge of hygiene and safety standards in the kitchen, and the discipline to enforce those standards.
Job Type: Full-time Salary: $12.00 /hour


  • Minimum of one year experience or more
  • Background check, in accordance with local law/regulations
  • Ability to commute to job’s location