Business IT Tech

January 22, 2020
April 30, 2020
Skilled Trade
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Job Description:

We seek a highly personable and patient business tech ninja to work in a very fun and laid back, but still very busy office environment. We want the right balance of personality, expertise, critical thinking, patience, tech savvy and caring. This person will work in our Charlottesville office, and will do primarily remote work and sometimes on-premises jobs.

You are the right person if:

When given a free block of time at work, you choose to think about how to more efficiently deploy cloud servers rather than watch youtube cat videos (I'm not busting on funny cat videos here. Lunch or after work is a great time for this)! You deploy routers, servers, VPNs, O365 and Azure cloud hosting in your sleep. You argue the fine points of Android vs. iOS, you love SSDs, and above all else you give a darn about the quality of the repair and that a job is done right.

Your solutions are created by truly listening to the customers needs. You love the latest and greatest tech, but you don’t deploy it for deployments sake. You want to educate a customer, have a good laugh with them, and over time they even ask you how your kids are doing in school.

You would be passionate about growing a company focused on real people who provide really amazing support to real people. That means going the extra mile, making a follow-up call a day later to make sure the customer is all set, helping a customer understand that GSuite would likely be better since they Google Calendar and Gmail already, etc.

You understand that you are the key ingredient to success. That is, customers love their IT guy and you will be just that person. How you treat them, how well you fix things, and how connected they feel to you and your team matters to the long term success of the business. Happy techs lead to happy customers so you will be working in an environment with good pay, bonus opportunities galore, random acts of kindness regularly occurring, and a good office space in Charlottesville VA.

Our company is growing very quickly. We will ask much from you but the potential for great reward is very high.

Start Date:


Salary: $40,000.00 to $60,000.00 /year

Job Duties:

  • Provide raving, fan-creating IT support to, primarily, small businesses
  • PC, Mac, Mobile Device Support and Troubleshooting
  • Network management
  • Quoting, deployment, and management of Virtual and Azure Server Environments and associated hardware
  • Remote hardware troubleshooting
  • Advice, Consulting and Recommendations
  • Be Happy and take good care of your customers
  • Help us get smarter, create new/better products, be competitive in the MSP space


  • 3+ Years in full time business IT role. This means you know what you are doing in a business network
  • Experience with server management and small to medium business multi-user environments
  • Ability to self-manage your health in a job requiring sitting most of the day. Walk-breaks, stretching, daily exercise, etc.
  • Ability to research new problems, think critically, and solve problems
  • Ability to work in teams and learn from others
  • Ability to deal with customers who don't know all the things you do, who are slower or don't understand everything the first time, and who generally rely on you to guide them through things in a patient and meaningful way.
  • Great personality, upbeat attitude, and a real desire to fix things, help people, and provide a great service

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