Forklift Operator

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    October 5, 2018

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    Virginia Beach

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  • In addition to always having safety on their minds, forklift drivers have many duties they are expected to know how to complete. To uphold safety standards and to be a good role model for fellow employees is the first and most important duty.
  • Other duties of a forklift driver include keeping your work area clean, taking care of your forklift, making sure you have all the supplies you need, managing inventory, and helping with deliveries.
  • Once you know the basic duties of the warehouse then you are ready to learn what it takes to operate a forklift. All of these job aspects are important parts of the job and are required by most employers.
  • All of these forklift driver duties may or may not be expected of you in the field but are good to know because in the event that a new situation arises you will be ready to tackle it with confidence.


  • Need to have reliable transportation
  • One year or more experience
  • Positive attitude and reliability