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Hiring Options

+ Executive Search

A search for an executive level employee is important but can be very time consuming for the employer. We are able to devote the time and use our connections to search for the right candidate. It is common for employers to provide a retainer for a search at this level.

+ Direct Hire

This is a great option for companies hiring long term, higher salaried employees and we generally bill on a contingency basis. Our recruiting staff identifies the talent, performs extensive screening and sets up the interview. Once a decision is made, the employer pays a percentage of the employee’s first year income.

+ Temp-to-Hire

This option is our most popular and works well for companies who want to try out an employee without making a commitment at first. Our employee can work for a period of 3 months on our payroll before joining your company. This option is cost-effective for most every size company.

+ Temporary

Temporary employees are a good choice for projects or to fill in for employees who are out on vacation, medical leave or just the day. These employees are trained and capable of stepping into a job and completing it.

+ Payroll

Payroll is a service we offer for those employers who already have a candidate for a position but may not want to handle their payroll and/or potential liability. The mark up is very low and covers all federal and state taxes, unemployment, and worker’s compensation.