Floor/Production Lead (Elkwood, VA)

March 13, 2024
April 13, 2024
Temporary to Permanent
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Job Description:

Goodwin William Staffing is seeking candidates for Floor/Production Lead to join our team and work with our client in Elkwood, VA. The person in this position will be the "right hand" for management. Safety and focus on safety are paramount in this position. Computer/office/administrative skills are a plus.

The Floor/Production Lead plays an essential role in the manufacturing process, orchestrating the day-to-day operations on the production floor. This position involves overseeing a team of workers, ensuring production targets are met efficiently and safely, while maintaining the highest quality standards, By coordinating tasks, managing schedules, and troubleshooting minor issues before they escalate, the Floor/Production Lead ensures a smooth workflow. Their responsibilities extend to monitoring inventory levels, enforcing safety protocols, and contributing to continuous improvement initiatives. Through effective leadership and communication, the Floor/Production Lead supports both the operational and strategic goals of the manufacturing facility, aiming to optimize productivity and foster a positive work environment.


  • Oversee daily production operations, ensuring schedules are met and quality standards are maintained.
  • Coordinate with other departments to ensure a smooth flow of materials needed for production.
  • Implement and monitor safety protocols to ensure a safe working environment for all employees.
  • Train new production staff and provide ongoing coaching to existing employees to enhance their skills and productivity.
  • Troubleshoot production issues, identifying root causes and implementing corrective actions to minimize downtime.
  • Analyze production data to identify trends, inefficiencies, and opportunities for process improvements.
  • Manage inventory levels of raw materials and finished goods to optimize storage space and reduce waste.
  • Lead continuous improvement projects, utilizing methodologies like Lean or Six Sigma to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

This is a temp to permanent position.

RATE: $18 + per hour, depending on experience.

HOURS: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. or as workflow dictates



  • Lean Manufacturing: Streamlining production processes to reduce waste and enhance value for the customer is a core responsibility. By continuously monitoring and adjusting operations to align with just-in-time manufacturing principles, the person in this position boosts productivity and operational efficiency.
  • Quality Control: A meticulous eye for detail enables the identification and correction of any deviations from established standards and specifications. This vigilance maintains the manufacturing process's integrity and ensures customer satisfaction.
  • Workflow Optimization: Identifying bottlenecks and implementing solutions to streamline production processes is critical. By leveraging technology and team strengths, waste is reduced, and productivity is enhanced, ensuring project timelines are met without compromising quality.
  • Team Leadership: Coordinating diverse groups towards a common goal involves utilizing each team member's strengths and addressing weaknesses. Precision in task delegation and promoting an environment of open communication and respect are essential for maintaining morale and productivity.
  • Safety Standards Compliance: Auditing workplace practices and equipment usage ensures adherence to health and safety regulations. Training team members on safety protocols, conducting inspections, and addressing compliance issues promptly keeps the production environment secure and efficient.
  • Production Scheduling: Coordinating operations and resource allocation to ensure smooth manufacturing processes requires meticulous attention to detail and the ability to anticipate challenges. This enables proactive adjustments to maintain productivity and meet delivery targets.

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